The Designer



If you can dream, you can create. Just dare to dream!

Just like Kenza Barrada, a Moroccan-born Bali based Jeweler. She is fascinatingly cultural, interestingly friendly and intensely committed to women empowerment through creativity, and most especially through beautiful works of art. From the inimitable Bali, the very heart of Indonesia, to Paris, the city of love, breathing both for fashion and beauty to the titillating Miami where enchantments and allure rule the waves, Kenza Barrada has left a foot print and still has more pasted on many cities of the world. An intrepid enthusiast in Greek and Egyptian mythology; the Maasai, a heritage from Africa and many more. In short, she is a global citizen making a unique statement with women empowerment through art defined by the fine strokes of jewelry. When it comes to innovation, Kenza Barrada is an eclectic innovator ready to walk a new path and shine the light for others. She holds a double MBA in Luxury Marketing from Paris.


It all started with a dream. Her late grandfather appeared to her and held a huge promise that she should create a franchise of her own. Being fashion taken, she initially settled for luxury marketing, but the good spirit would lead her to the very best people in Bali.

Being a person of strong will, who has left everything to pursue her dream, she hoped for success. Yes, Kenza Barrada always listens to her inner voice. She does not follow convention even though this might cost her a lot. So having left conventional life, taking a leap of faith always carries a tome of risks, but she would never give in.

Her collections of jewelry are flawlessly-crafted and very much-in-the-moment. What are ears for when they are not befittingly adorned? Why are necks prominent when they cannot attract?

KashaBali Jewelry, earrings, cuffs, necklaces, chokers and rings bespoke, welcome you. The three endearing collections--All Eyes on me, Amazonia and Solare, breathtaking descriptions of exceptional women of all ages---elegantly await you too, because the collections speak to all ages.

Inspired by strong, fierce and independent woman, she has woven a mystique energy around her jewelry because she has had a long date with spiritual experiences. Since she could develop a brand against all odds, she believes other women can do the same, and hopes to get the women mentored to acquire and have some independence as well as make some strong statements.