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  • All Sizes Adjustable
  • Handmade brass nano coated bracelets.

You can click here for the material and stones explanation 

Note from the designer :


We made for you the seven bracelets. Simple and easy to wear from day to night time it's also a nice spiritual touch to add to your arm party.

Ancient civilizations incorporated crystals into their daily life knowing and understanding the stones and crystals connected to a power so they integrated them into their rituals, medicines and beauty routines to look younger. The ancients also believed the stones would bring health benefits that were more aligned allowing them to see more clearly in everyday situations and life, it was also used to bring more passion and love or channel more creativity.

Our sacred jewelry and stone combinations, we believe, also help in releasing anger while bringing you into a state of calmness and serenity...Other benefits received bring a grounding effect, to your energy body, allowing the wearer to attune with your higher self. This is done through your combined intention and your meditation process.

Available with 8 different stones (each stone for 1 chakra).

Crown chakra: Amethyst - Labradorite - Moonstone 

Third eye chakra: Labradorite 

Throat chakra: Turquoise 

Heart chakra: Emerald 

Solar plexus chakra: Citrine 

Sacral chakra: Carnelian 

Root chakra: Garnet 

Handmade from brass they are easily adjustable and resist to water and perfume.

Unconventional, elegant and simple is Kasha’s DNA.

Customer Reviews

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amazing design with a perfect quality

Stunning !

I’m really happy with my purchase and salute your incredible customer service.
I’ll be back on your website very soon !

Jihane Nafaa
Excellent quality and very nice style

I love my Kasha bracelets, i wear them every day with everything.